14 Commits (closed-social-v3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexandra Catalina ba8a04462a
helm: upgrade elasticsearch chart to 14 (#15767) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 38a6ae2d07
helm: pin versions, commit lockfile (#15749) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn fca4fd1daa
helm: add support for S3 storage (#15748) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 9c273c2a59
helm: standardize yaml configuration (#15728) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 55a6b54f8e
helm: add option for external db (#15722) 2 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 3561f8fabe
Forward-port v3.2.2 changelog (#15370) 2 years ago
  Patrice Ferlet 4b2ec4a2dc
Fix postrgres secret name for cronjob (#15072) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn b37c9e5660
helm: bump version to 3.2.1 (#15019) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 53b22d247f
helm: add optional cron job to run `tootctl remove media` (#14396) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 9490011226
helm: bump default image tag to v3.2.0 (#14476) 3 years ago
  Alex Dunn a29080256e
helm: add examples of annotation for NGINX upload limits (#14350) 3 years ago
  Alex Dunn 961789d511
helm: bump chart and default image version to 3.1.5 (#14256) 3 years ago
  Alex Dunn 83fd046107
helm: fix default storage values for PVCs (#14245) 3 years ago
  Alex Dunn 6d3125f9c0
Add Helm chart (#14090) 3 years ago