2710 Commits (2bd132d4581048a96b4d36b5a94e6749c68b8987)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Jankowski 2bd132d458 Replace best_in_place editor on admin settings page (#2789) 7 years ago
  abcang 91ddd345f2 Enable disableHostCheck option of webpack-dev-server (#2790) 7 years ago
  Valentin Ouvrard 75bd141e22 Switch docker-compose to version 3. (#2747) 7 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 0cdcf32865 Use ws protocol in streaming API base URL (#2606) 7 years ago
  abcang 629a4d0fca fix DB_URL (#2778) 7 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi e95983f5df Decode IDNA in PreviewCard (#2781) 7 years ago
  Brian Mock e37e84d210 Fixes #1830 adds link to development guide (#2783) 7 years ago
  unarist e57e6f509d Show emoji shortname by a tooltip (#2784) 7 years ago
  abcang bea117a4b6 changed to run foreman with vagrant (#2742) 7 years ago
  Colin Mitchell 908b96a370 Make vagrant HTTP port configurable (#2510) 7 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 13c16b4e95 Likely fix #2458, fix #2031 - handle out-of-order deletes for statuses (#2734) 7 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 4fcc0d5ac9 Fix #2725 (#2774) 7 years ago
  Eduardo Elias 3b51581f1b Language: update pt-BR (#2775) 7 years ago
  alpaca-tc db92eec876 Localize 'throttled' (#2755) 7 years ago
  goofy-bz 44969307c7 Update fr.json (#2757) 7 years ago
  m4sk1n 4babdff72f i18n: updated Polish translation (#2768) 7 years ago
  Eugen Rochko c997091166 Clean up redis configuration. Allow using REDIS_URL to set advanced (#2732) 7 years ago
  yhirano 005f1fd360 update gems (#2754) 7 years ago
  ThibG 8d4e7504b1 Additional specs for URI handling (#2759) 7 years ago
  Tomohiro Suwa aa6a26a2d5 Correct Account model for rubocop (#2587) 7 years ago
  Matt Jankowski d91ba3c8d0 Remove screenshot image (#2736) 7 years ago
  Eugen Rochko bafd22ecf4 Fix #2706 - Always respond with 200 to PuSH payloads (#2733) 7 years ago
  kawax dd9d57300b Vagrantfile: node 6 (#2752) 7 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 8c5ad23b24 Language improvements, replace whatlanguage with CLD (#2753) 7 years ago
  Quent-in 53384b0ffe Update of simple_forum_oc (#2745) 7 years ago
  ヨイツの賢狼ホロ | 3rd style 1c469ca98b i18n: Update zh-CN [ Chinese (China) ] translations. (#2699) 7 years ago
  unarist e61ecf4091 Add styles for small devices to .onboarding-modal (#2748) 7 years ago
  Keiji Matsuzaki 90c00f075a Added support parallel_tests (#2740) 7 years ago
  jirayudech 38473f0aa0 Add Thai Language (#2598) 7 years ago
  esetomo 24a5d13d60 remove capistrano/faster_assets from Capfile (#2737) 7 years ago
  kawax 383c0b7802 Show boosted user's avatar (#2518) 7 years ago
  m4sk1n bf8031e984 i18n: updated Polish translation (#2729) 7 years ago
  Masafumi Otsune ab307b816b Update simple_form.ja.yml (#2746) 7 years ago
  unarist 40562fd266 Fix width of .confirmation-modal on narrow screens (#2743) 7 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 5f9cb48882 Add Japanese translation for allowed languages (#2738) 7 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 2ab7dc9a55 Use URI.join for generate asset URL (#2741) 7 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 2b9bc9c154 Use puma config for Procfile.dev (#2735) 7 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f5bf5ebb82 Replace sprockets/browserify with Webpack (#2617) 7 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 26bc591572 Allow to set CA file for SMTP (#2713) 7 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 268dd32d76 Auth sign out (#2511) 7 years ago
  ThibG bea97ea766 Add rspec to further specify FollowRemoteAccountService (#2414) 7 years ago
  m4sk1n 03f3223d72 i18n: updated Polish translation (#2727) 7 years ago
  Kaylee 7880671f35 Add option to disable two factor auth in admin accounts panel. (#2584) 7 years ago
  Matt Jankowski b5eec34230 Add admin area view partials for each record type (#2700) 7 years ago
  Quent-in 2128682162 Creation of activerecord for OC (#2721) 7 years ago
  Audun Larsen e68c0ce5f6 Norwegian translation for email notifications (#2673) 7 years ago
  Ash Furrow 54dddfe9b8 Darkens colour on stream entries meta. (#2616) 7 years ago
  m4sk1n aea3aff4e4 i18n: Updated Polish translation (#2686) 7 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 46943b64c6 Reset textarea height when press submit key (#2681) 7 years ago
  Eduardo Elias 302c0d2046 Language: update pt-BR (#2687) 7 years ago