13 Commits (2bd132d4581048a96b4d36b5a94e6749c68b8987)

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  Matt Jankowski 2bd132d458 Replace best_in_place editor on admin settings page (#2789) 6 years ago
  jeroenpraat 09b93aaf85 Another (less urgent) Dutch string update (#2533) 6 years ago
  jeroenpraat b8e7eee837 Last minute Dutch update and fix (after checking on live 1.3RC) (#2529) 6 years ago
  Eugen 501514960a Followers-only post federation (#2111) 6 years ago
  ymmtmdk 072c6f1527 Add link for domain in land strip (#2306) 6 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 67dea31b0f 2FA controller cleanup (#2296) 6 years ago
  jeroenpraat d2dc31a74a Ruby time format fixed (#2259) 6 years ago
  jeroenpraat bbff431e3a Updated Dutch strings and added Dutch onboarding modal strings (#2243) 6 years ago
  jeroenpraat e1e15adf1d Updated, improved and fixed Dutch language strings (#2030) 6 years ago
  Matt Jankowski f87b51fda8 I18n health warnings (#1949) 6 years ago
  Fjoerfoks e806d3c3f0 Update nl.yml (#1764) 6 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 619817d29e Remove unused will_paginate.page_gap key from i18n (#1815) 6 years ago
  Koala Yeung 1206627c59 Add Dutch translation (nl) (#1682) 6 years ago