22 Commits (641abe2db7ac482dceffc8307af411e01c540951)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel King 258dcb849f Upgrade Vagrant box to Xenial (#6421) 3 years ago
  Daniel King 2cff744cdf fix ruby 2.5 rvm install in vagrant (#6396) 3 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 7f4375822a Install libidn11-dev in Vagrant (#4238) 4 years ago
  nullkal 007ab330e6 Use charlock_holmes instead of nkf at FetchLinkCardService (#4080) 4 years ago
  nightpool 3e8e9c8ae4 Use the stable RVM installer (#3901) 4 years ago
  Charlotte Fields 7bc1805827 fixed vagrantfile (#3897) 4 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki d5cabfe5c6 Use CLD3 (#2949) 4 years ago
  abcang bea117a4b6 changed to run foreman with vagrant (#2742) 4 years ago
  Colin Mitchell 908b96a370 Make vagrant HTTP port configurable (#2510) 4 years ago
  kawax dd9d57300b Vagrantfile: node 6 (#2752) 4 years ago
  Effy Elden a9a4710fe1 Alter Vagrantfile to use RVM for Ruby installation (#2346) 4 years ago
  Effy Elden cc83ee60fb Export environment variables from .env.vagrant before running rails commands in Vagrant provisioning (#2343) 4 years ago
  Naouak af7d02da5d Fix issue with line return in file (#1947) 4 years ago
  happycoloredbanana e22f9819bb NFS for shared folder requires a private_network (#1263) 4 years ago
  Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA 66ea015a01 Remove current directory from PATH (#1779) 4 years ago
  Gavin Mogan c35bda0551 fix(*): ruby version was updated in .ruby-version but not Vagrant. Make them match (#1502) 4 years ago
  Markus Amalthea Magnuson 7596de1aec Add a couple of network performance tweaks to Vagrantfile. 4 years ago
  James Moore c19e0f1212 Use NFS for the shared folder because it dramatically decreases latency for git operations. 4 years ago
  vjackson725 91dc21c469 fix Vagrantfile so that the correct ruby is installed 4 years ago
  vjackson725 db3d5d811c Fix Vagrantfile to include yarn 4 years ago
  Effy Elden 46fb634c79 Improve Vagrantfile, load environment variables from .env.vagrant, always forward localhost:3000 4 years ago
  Effy Elden f1289ca3c0 Add Vagrant development environment support 4 years ago