5088 Commits (641abe2db7ac482dceffc8307af411e01c540951)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eugen Rochko d7573fe584
Separate chown command in Dockerfile. Use tootsuite/mastodon image (#6662) 3 years ago
  Sylvhem cb74c0cfe4 Add headings to the security settings page (#6661) 3 years ago
  Daniel Hunsaker b725924f0a [Nanobox] Tuning Update (#6660) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 81cefc1913 Do not use npm (#6656) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki a07cfee644 Extract columns area from UI component (#6650) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 13cf92df27 Use React.PureComponent instead of React.Component (#6653) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 61e6275781 Use withRouter for TabsBar (#6652) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 78d772af86
Fix #3807: Increase avatars to 400x400 max (#6651) 3 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi e9e475a29d Upgrade chewy to version 5.0.0 (#6649) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 20d1be18af
Fix accounts' display name/bio not being set from initial state (#6644) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki b0664a5e6c Replace onScrollToBottom with onLoadMore (#6615) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki a38dbd9c8a Redirect from Web tag timeline to public tag timeline if not signed in (#6633) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki f6a8d835d3 Place dropdown menu top if it is closer to the bottom of the viewport (#6641) 3 years ago
  ThibG 4746feaa1c Add “Domain hidden” badge (#6636) 3 years ago
  haosbvnker 3d4e788ea9 Fix permissions for volumes (#6637) 3 years ago
  Renato "Lond" Cerqueira bd40574476 Weblate translations (05-03-2018) (#6640) 3 years ago
  Renato "Lond" Cerqueira 1674e2f34c Normalize translations (#6638) 3 years ago
  Marcin Mikołajczak 3b2e783c1f i18n: Update Polish translation (#6632) 3 years ago
  ThibG 46a9a23749 Make more apparent that an account is blocked or muted (fixes #6544) (#6627) 3 years ago
  Yuto Tokunaga 4e929b2d17 [RFC] Improved media modal (#5956) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki ef44c62d17 Do not default site_title with site_hostname in InstanceHelper (#6624) 3 years ago
  abcang 219aac7800 Show media on report UI (#6619) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki c110fa62ac Provide default OTP_SECRET value for development environment (#6617) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 7a6eaad445 Do not require images in about.js and share.js (#6622) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 460e380d38 Implement tag auto-completion by history (#6621) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 778b37790b Do not fetch environment variables to determine default locale (#6618) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b66ec3bf95
Fix #6611: Typo in change password template (#6616) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 51d760960c Set the default locale in config (#6580) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 9110db41c5
Federate pinned statuses over ActivityPub (#6610) 3 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 45feb439bd Finalize location on scrollable notifications when unmounting (#6614) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 44829d8216
Fix missing focalPoint in ActivityPub JSON (#6609) 3 years ago
  Aboobacker MK 49092945ab Fix 500 while searching after deleting a post (#6604) 3 years ago
  Jeong Arm c82a2358bd Translate Korean (#6608) 3 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi ecf06d7e82 Change "or" translatable (#6597) 3 years ago
  Alexander 42fe05dea1 fix logic for pam_controlled_service (#6599) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b4f8e87358
Add LDAP options to .env.production.sample (#6592) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko e72db6d9dd
Move "compose" on mobile to floating action button (#6594) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 036dd98abb
Responsively enforce 16:9 ratio on all media thumbnails in web UI (#6590) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 7901f9f63e
When search enabled, display hint in search popout (#6593) 3 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 0963b6fd22 Weblate translations (2018-03-02) (#6588) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 379cdfaac5
Fix #6586: Add close modal icon to report dialog (#6591) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 38b9af76a2
Improve style of web UI account tabs (#6589) 3 years ago
  Patrick Figel e4db0f28d2 Update omniauth-saml to 1.10 (#6587) 3 years ago
  mayaeh e7d741ece3 i18n: Update Japanese translations (#6581) 3 years ago
  Thomas Leister ecd36c1ede Fixes #6584 (#6585) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 64f2ada5d4
Bump version to 2.3.0rc1 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko a3c4138197
Add contact_account and languages to instance API (#6574) 3 years ago
  Marcin Mikołajczak 51b7a22ea7 i18n: Update Polish translation (#6578) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 68218d97c8
Add only_media param to public and hashtag timelines API (#6576) 3 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 5131012505
Add "Toots/Toots with replies/Media" tab below profile header (#6572) 3 years ago