34 Commits (f566c47ddafd1e119887133c35581a5aef1c07fc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eugen Rochko f566c47dda Fix travis builds 5 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 53e42bf91e Upgrade Webpacker to version 2.0 (#3729) 5 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 8a597f0138 Cache assets in travis (#3532) 5 years ago
  Nolan Lawson 8236f942ff Use travis_retry to reduce spurious test failures (#3418) 5 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 595e060347 Enable caching dependencies in Travis CI (#3132) 5 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki d5cabfe5c6 Use CLD3 (#2949) 5 years ago
  Koala Yeung bcfd9a2f8e Minor fix in Travis config with bundler call (#2806) 5 years ago
  Keiji Matsuzaki 90c00f075a Added support parallel_tests (#2740) 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f5bf5ebb82 Replace sprockets/browserify with Webpack (#2617) 5 years ago
  Koala Yeung 9d3fc1281d travis: Add yarn and nodejs caching (#2504) 5 years ago
  Mingye Wang fc99d11703 Convert to "container-based" travis build (#2449) 5 years ago
  Eugen 2e4afccd9d Fix #2108 - Fix gif uploads (#2171) 5 years ago
  Matt Jankowski f87b51fda8 I18n health warnings (#1949) 5 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki 0611209141 Relax Ruby version requirement (#1901) 5 years ago
  Alex Dunn 8482f67caf update Node to 6.x LTS (#1228) 5 years ago
  Matt Jankowski 64dbde0dbf Version bumps for ruby and misc gems (#1159) 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 920ba5fc4e Fix #61 - Add list of blocked users to the UI; clean up failed push notifications API 5 years ago
  Andrea Faulds b107a4820a Remove remnants of Neo4J 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko cd765f26a9 Upgrade ruby to 2.3.1 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f9c9fef157 Maybe it will work like this 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 07e56d52b1 Trying a travis fix 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 6394baff4d Debugging travis 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 2a22d4076e Trying to fix travis 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 2993370de0 Fix travis node installation 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 7075cef8f9 Adding sort by node rank to follow suggestions and fallback to most influential users 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 67b35a601a Exclude blocked users from follow suggestions, fix tests 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f40843d680 Fix travis test 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 7939a216ff Trying to fix travis builds 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 8e5c9a5a2c Fix for travis node issue 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko bc0692d75b Removing mini-profiler that doesn't work, formatting timelines a bit better 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko d23671b5fd Trying to fix travis tests 5 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 46cbb9c551 Increase note truncation length on account grids, improve FanOutOnWrite a bit, 6 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 94eb142ab8 Updating Travis CI file to setup the test environment correctly 6 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 9a7485d034 Fix typo on /api/accounts/:id/statuses, fix potential case-sensitivity issue 6 years ago