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sundevour 4bfd786550 formatter spec fixes & clarification (#8481) 5 years ago
activitypub Display pending message on admin relays UI (#8494) 5 years ago
ostatus Append '.test' to hostname in stub data (#7260) 5 years ago
settings Add a test for Settings::Extend#settings (#5720) 5 years ago
delivery_failure_tracker_spec.rb After 7 days of repeated delivery failures, give up on inbox (#5131) 6 years ago
extractor_spec.rb Spec Extractor (#3540) 6 years ago
feed_manager_spec.rb Add option to not consider word boundaries when processing keyword filtering (#7975) 5 years ago
formatter_spec.rb formatter spec fixes & clarification (#8481) 5 years ago
hash_object_spec.rb Spec HashObject (#3544) 6 years ago
language_detector_spec.rb Disable language detection for texts shorter than 140 characters (#8010) 5 years ago
request_spec.rb Validate HTTP response length while receiving (#6891) 5 years ago
status_filter_spec.rb Fix regression from #3490 - filter out hidden statuses from ancestors/descendants even if the viewer is anonymous (#3752) 6 years ago
status_finder_spec.rb Add tests for embeds controller (#7719) 5 years ago
tag_manager_spec.rb Append '.test' to hostname in stub data (#7260) 5 years ago
user_settings_decorator_spec.rb Enable updating additional account information from user preferences via rest api (#6789) 5 years ago
webfinger_resource_spec.rb Fix randomly fail (regression from #3560) (#3580) 6 years ago