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Lindsey Bieda 25cbb8454c Red favicon for dev (#2470) 6 years ago
admin Admin reports with accounts (#2092) 6 years ago
activitystreams2_builder_helper.rb Change ActivityPub paging to match spec. Clean up ActivityPub outbox changes. (#2410) 6 years ago
application_helper.rb Red favicon for dev (#2470) 6 years ago
flashes_helper.rb Clean up flash display in views (#2336) 6 years ago
home_helper.rb Improve initialState loading 6 years ago
instance_helper.rb Instance helper to replace site title helper (#2038) 6 years ago
routing_helper.rb Fix rubocop issues, introduce usage of frozen literal to improve performance 7 years ago
settings_helper.rb Persian translation (#2405) 6 years ago
stream_entries_helper.rb Test embedded_view related code in a helper (#2282) 6 years ago
style_helper.rb Check for a custom css file to help customization of instances (#1368) 6 years ago