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Yamagishi Kazutoshi 3ea5b948a4 Decodes URL containing IDN (#2436) 6 years ago
settings Add extended about page stub 6 years ago
application_extension.rb Fix tests, add applications to eager loading/cache for statuses, fix 6 years ago
atom_serializer.rb Improve bio compatibility (#2278) 6 years ago
exceptions.rb Add check for visibility.nil? even though it can't ever be, to check for race conditions 6 years ago
feed_manager.rb Remove order prior to .find_in_batches (#1470) 6 years ago
formatter.rb Decodes URL containing IDN (#2436) 6 years ago
hash_object.rb Migrate from ledermann/rails-settings to rails-settings-cached which allows global settings 6 years ago
inline_rabl_scope.rb Optimize filter methods in FeedManager a bit, use redis pipelining on merge/unmerge feed methods, 6 years ago
inline_renderer.rb Replace calls to FeedManager#inline_render and #broadcast 6 years ago
language_detector.rb [WIP] Html lang on statuses (#2297) 6 years ago
tag_manager.rb Punycode URI normalization (#2370) 6 years ago
user_settings_decorator.rb Clean up settings/preferences controller (#2237) 6 years ago
webfinger_resource.rb Allow webfinger controller to reply to user@WEB_DOMAIN in addition to user@LOCAL_DOMAIN (#2351) 6 years ago