488 Commits (closed-social-v3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  欧醚 eede6ca0c5 change version suffix to fix push notification 3 months ago
  Eugen Rochko d6486c969f
Bump version to 3.4.1 (#16350) 4 months ago
  Claire 11d3c065a5
Fix migration script not being able to run if it fails midway (#16312) 4 months ago
  Claire 526332c545
Fix account deletion sometimes failing because of optimistic locks (#16317) 4 months ago
  Claire abf4c2ab21
Fix `tootctl search deploy` on Ruby 3 (#16346) 4 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 4c7efdba40
Bump version to 3.4.0 (#16239) 5 months ago
  Eugen Rochko d862728ae1
Add more checks to `repo:check_locales_files` (#16249) 5 months ago
  Claire 76064e6608
Update fix-duplicates maintenance script to support latest migrations (#16231) 5 months ago
  rinsuki 5ed5f62705
Fix animated GIF generates animated thumbnail (#16216) 5 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 7bd2b54a46
Bump version to 3.4.0rc2 (#16206) 5 months ago
  Takeshi Umeda 9b18914c35
Add a Redis environment variable for sidekiq (#16188) 5 months ago
  Eugen Rochko d1442a06c3
Bump version to 3.4.0rc1 (#16053) 5 months ago
  Claire a5f91a11d0
Fix older migrations on Ruby 3 (#16174) 5 months ago
  Claire 566fc90913
Add Ruby 3.0 support (#16046) 5 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 6d9ad30bf8
Fix media redownload worker retrying on unexpected response codes (#16111) 5 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 036556d350
Fix media processing getting stuck on too much stdin/stderr (#16136) 5 months ago
  Takeshi Umeda 25345c90ff
Fix how to change connection pool for rails 6 (#16158) 5 months ago
  Takeshi Umeda 422df9d670
Fix cache redis not being used (#16131) 6 months ago
  Ikko Ashimine 0bc909687a
Fix typo in db.rake (#16126) 6 months ago
  Claire e78d06eecf
Add border to 🚲 emoji (#16035) 6 months ago
  Eugen Rochko ad61265268
Remove dependency on pluck_each gem (#16012) 6 months ago
  abcang ddabbbf5a6
Fix DB connection pool settings in CLI (#15983) 6 months ago
  Stanislas d33351af3c
tootctl emoji import: case insensitive duplicate check (#15738) 7 months ago
  Claire cbd0ee1d07
Update Mastodon to Rails 6.1 (#15910) 7 months ago
  Claire 82556834cf
Change mastodon:setup to not call assets:precompile in docker (#13942) 7 months ago
  Claire 741d0952b1
Improve account counters handling (#15913) 7 months ago
  Claire c31c95ffe4
Remove MySQL-specific code from Mastodon::MigrationHelpers (#15924) 7 months ago
  Claire 82caed594c
Change deduplication order of tootctl maintenance fix-duplicates (#15923) 7 months ago
  Claire b358229834
Further preparation for Rails 6 (#15916) 7 months ago
  Claire 9aaaa96d2f
Use more robust hook for loading timestamp_id function into database (#15919) 7 months ago
  Claire a4dcaef53b
Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (#15917) 7 months ago
  Claire 43eff898a0
Prepare Mastodon for Rails 6 (#15911) 7 months ago
  Claire a8139ab016
Add borders to 📱 and 📲 emojis (#15794) 7 months ago
  Justin Tracey c9e8e1739c
replace all instances of "ends_with?" with "end_with?" (#15745) 8 months ago
  Justin Tracey 3f8523130d
use host instead of headers to make Rack happy (#15741) 8 months ago
  Cecylia Bocovich 3447bd2f80
Monkey patch Rack::Session to send secure cookies to onions (#15725) 8 months ago
  Claire 21fb3f3684
Drop dependency on secure_headers, fix response headers (#15712) 8 months ago
  Claire 6feaad33f2
Fix obsolete digitalocean.rake file breaking rake tasks (#15618) 8 months ago
  Shubhendra Singh Chauhan c8d11b8bdb
Fixed code quality issues (#15541) 8 months ago
  ThibG 13d5b81579
Fix “tootctl accounts unfollow” (#15639) 9 months ago
  luigi eb51e43fb4
Optimize some regex matching (#15528) 9 months ago
  ThibG 54d4e5252b
Use Rails' index_by where it makes sense (#15542) 9 months ago
  luigi 087ed84367
Optimize map { ... }.compact calls (#15513) 9 months ago
  ThibG 9395143126
Fix maintenance script not re-indexing some indexes on textual values (#15515) 9 months ago
  abcang efffdd3778
Fix rubocop config and warnings (#15503) 9 months ago
  Sophie Parker c7262d12b2
Improve Emoji import (fix #15429) (#15430) 10 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 633d175146
Bump version to 3.3.0 (#15433) 10 months ago
  ThibG f1f96ebf02
Fix being able to import more than allowed number of follows (#15384) 10 months ago
  Eugen Rochko 444b21b55f
Bump version to 3.3.0rc3 (#15411) 10 months ago
  ThibG 1cf2c3a810
Fix external user creation failing when invite request text is required (#15405) 10 months ago