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Melodic Deprecated

This branch of stretch_ros is DEPRECATED. Please use the Robot Install upgrade guide to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04/ROS Noetic or Ubuntu 22.04/ROS2 Humble. The Melodic README is saved below.


The stretch_ros repository holds ROS related code for the Stretch RE1 mobile manipulator from Hello Robot Inc. For an overview of the capabilities in this repository, we recommend you look at the following forum post.

Please be aware that the code in this repository is currently under heavy development.

Resource Description
hello_helpers Miscellaneous helper code used across the stretch_ros repository
stretch_calibration Creates and updates calibrated URDFs for the Stretch RE1
stretch_core Enables basic use of the Stretch RE1 from ROS
stretch_deep_perception Demonstrations that use open deep learning models to perceive the world
stretch_demos Demonstrations of simple autonomous manipulation
stretch_description Generate and export URDFs
stretch_funmap Demonstrations of Fast Unified Navigation, Manipulation And Planning (FUNMAP)
stretch_gazebo Support for simulation of Stretch in the Gazebo simulator
stretch_moveit_config Config files to use Stretch with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework
stretch_navigation Support for the ROS navigation stack, including move_base, gmapping, and AMCL

Code Status & Development Plans

We intend for the following high-level summary to provide guidance about the current state of the code and planned development activities.

Directory Testing Status Notes
hello_helpers GOOD
stretch_calibration GOOD
stretch_core GOOD
stretch_deep_perception GOOD
stretch_demos FAIR
stretch_description GOOD
stretch_funmap FAIR
stretch_gazebo FAIR differs from stretch_core in its underlying controllers
stretch_moveit_config FAIR does not support mobile base planning in ROS 1
stretch_navigation GOOD


This software is intended for use with the Stretch RE1 mobile manipulator, which is a robot produced and sold by Hello Robot Inc. For further information, including inquiries about dual licensing, please contact Hello Robot Inc.

For license details for this repository, see the LICENSE files found in the directories. A summary of the licenses follows:

Directory License
hello_helpers Apache 2.0
stretch_calibration GPLv3
stretch_core Apache 2.0
stretch_deep_perception Apache 2.0
stretch_demos Apache 2.0
stretch_description BSD 3-Clause Clear License
stretch_funmap LGPLv3
stretch_gazebo Apache 2.0
stretch_moveit_config Apache 2.0
stretch_navigation Apache 2.0