3427 Commits (7aeb9168b01971e4e2c4c9b757dff09638b171ac)

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  Daniel Hunsaker 7aeb9168b0 Add .gitattributes file to avoid unwanted CRLF (#3954) 4 years ago
  Alda Marteau-Hardi f53ed108b0 Translate pin/unpin and fix some inconsistencies in gender neutral strings (#3952) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 285038972b Stop using Babel with streaming server (#3950) 4 years ago
  Takuya Yoshida e5563843a2 Re-fix errorMiddleware (#3922) 4 years ago
  unarist c972e1ee1f Ignore DB_NAME for development env on streaming as well as rails side (#3948) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 5e8d037e27 Fix #3910 - Require OTP authentication to disable 2FA (#3935) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko ed7dc1704d Bind web UI access tokens to sessions (#3940) 4 years ago
  amazedkoumei 436ce03772 fix unnecessary variable (#3947) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko d821aba002 Rename "Credentials" page to "Security" for clarity (#3941) 4 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 4ce1540094 fix(features/compose): Handle external changes to the textarea (#3632) 4 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki (@fn_aki@pawoo.net) 67243bda31 Cover Auth::RegistrationsController more (#3353) 4 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki (@fn_aki@pawoo.net) 8f991831b8 Cover Admin::DomainBlocksController more (#3329) 4 years ago
  amazedkoumei 87efa38721 more free pgconfig by .env (#3909) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f7301bd5b9 Add overview of active sessions (#3929) 4 years ago
  PFM 099a3b4eac Fix "undefined" in className (#3939) 4 years ago
  unarist 3d4e21f1ec Don't set ASSET_HOST on build:development (#3936) 4 years ago
  unarist 68dca26a5d Fix react-intl/locale-data import issue on production build (#3937) 4 years ago
  unarist 1fc096ec75 Fix elephant in onboarding modal being very small sized on small devices (#3932) 4 years ago
  unarist 21c2bc119c Clean column collapsible (#3931) 4 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi d23293c762 feat(components/onboarding_modal): Swipe between pages (#3934) 4 years ago
  unarist 138e5a0b1e Fix webpack config for Windows (#3926) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 79dacea962 Fix #3924 (regression from #3906) (#3925) 4 years ago
  unarist 4e6b5e7879 Use debounce for dispatch scrollTopNotification and expandNotifications (#3700) 4 years ago
  Daniel Hunsaker c0979381a4 Fix a typo and give CW'd statuses the right cursor (#3918) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 676f577e7e Fix webpack-dev-server until it's fixed upstream (#3916) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi c1a8e3d1eb Use Class and Property Decorators (#3730) 4 years ago
  Takuya Yoshida 0c44316b22 Fix errorMiddleware to prevent "TypeError: res.writeHead is not a function" (#3913) 4 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 2211e8d1cd Revocable sessions (#3616) 4 years ago
  Nolan Lawson 3783cadf2d Apply babel to react-intl to remove prop-types (#3914) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko a071047c13 Merge branch 'sorin-davidoi-swipe-gestures' 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 281f07244b Merge branch 'swipe-gestures' of git://github.com/sorin-davidoi/mastodon into sorin-davidoi-swipe-gestures 4 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki (@fn_aki@pawoo.net) 6f34a6a77f Add index statuses on account_id and id (#3895) 4 years ago
  Nolan Lawson e078919f07 Upgrade to Webpack 3 with module concatenation (#3912) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 7b13e6efc2 Bump version to 1.4.6 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 3f59238207 Add important test for full-width hashtags (#3911) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi eff9416469 Remove unused variables (#3906) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 6fbb3841a6 Add prefix to setting toggle ID (#3907) 4 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi d8c4781377 fix: Apply :hover, :focus and :active only when multiple columns 5 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi bc6e958229 feat: Swipeable media 5 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi a6d8d1036a feat: Swipeable columns 5 years ago
  Sorin Davidoi 3d403a013d chore(yarn): Install react-swipeable 5 years ago
  Ratmir Karabut 9ca02a00a6 Update Russian translation (#3902) 4 years ago
  nightpool 3e8e9c8ae4 Use the stable RVM installer (#3901) 4 years ago
  Charlotte Fields 7bc1805827 fixed vagrantfile (#3897) 4 years ago
  Akihiko Odaki (@fn_aki@pawoo.net) e27f792c24 Some minor change and spec for Account (#3813) 4 years ago
  Quent-in 98fab24bea Update of doorkeeper.oc.yml (#3896) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f566c47dda Fix travis builds 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 0190aac240 Fix regression from #3842 (#3892) 4 years ago
  unarist cc382c5006 Don't attach IntersectionObserver for wrapped statuses (#3883) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 946a166791 Revert #3851 (#3878) 4 years ago