5922 Commits (9463bba5fb6873fa70e05f239079ee1a0072b70c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) 9463bba5fb Reduce padding of profile metadata boxes to allow more text (#8491) 4 years ago
  Jakub Mendyk ceed1ebe5b Fix followers/follows layout issues from #8418 (#8505) 4 years ago
  Drew Schuster 648d6d7247 Delete .gitkeep file since the app/javascript/mastodon directory is no longer empty (#8510) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 5e1767173f
Display pending message on admin relays UI (#8494) 4 years ago
  Maciek Baron 2bbec9f4da Add CSS class to replies (#8473) 4 years ago
  M Somerville 81697997a3 Include MOV in upload button tooltip. (#8480) 4 years ago
  Renato "Lond" Cerqueira efdfea3f3c Weblate translations (2018-08-27) (#8483) 4 years ago
  M Somerville b31449cd77 Better singulars of account followers/toots. (#8471) 4 years ago
  Jakub Mendyk f3a12ddfd0 Make Api::V1::MutesController paginate properly (#8472) 4 years ago
  Marcin Mikołajczak b534249a8d Add more hotkeys to legend (#8469) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko cabdbb7f9c
Add CLI task for rotating keys (#8466) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 8adf485c0f
Bump interactions count when a follow happens (#8468) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko c597249124
Add thor to Gemfile directly (#8467) 4 years ago
  Quint Guvernator da13fa5021 Fix low-hanging rubocop gripes (#8458) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko a791bac153
Add aria-label to notifications (#8460) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b9c3788485
Fix NUM_DAYS in rake mastodon:media:remove_remote and print warning (#8462) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 55c856c522
Delay e-mail notifications by 2 minutes (#8438) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b378b4c5c7
Add CLI interface for importing custom emoji (#8437) 4 years ago
  Jakub Mendyk 5129f6f2aa Add messages informing that collections are empty (fixes #4115) (#8418) 4 years ago
  Tad Thorley 104d089df1 Update _bio.html.haml (#8449) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 6c9be61f57
Fix regression from #8439 (#8455) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f37fafe30b
Add health endpoint to streaming API (#8441) 4 years ago
  PatrickRWells 5c42e8b51b Fix CW issues in static view on Safari (Fixes #8354) (#8446) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b4ba4b1b5d
Spread out crawling randomly to avoid DDoSing the link (#8445) 4 years ago
  M Somerville df06f53f9b Specify allowed media in upload button tooltip. (#8443) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 3305484028
Revert "Default puma to running on localhost only." (#8444) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 22e46ebad8
Add theme identifier to body classes for easier custom CSS styling (#8439) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko cd049454be
Wait until relationship is loaded before showing follow button (#8440) 4 years ago
  Alexander cfe3cd58d6 fix pam authentication for certain hostnames (#8412) 4 years ago
  M Somerville 2a59c6a5e7 Default puma to running on localhost only. (#8429) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 93537c5560
Disable retries on all scheduled tasks (#8413) 4 years ago
  Yamagishi Kazutoshi 800325f452 Weblate translations (2018-08-25) (#8420) 4 years ago
  M Somerville 95bd0d4528 Support ActivityStreams’ summaryMap. (#8422) 4 years ago
  M Somerville 2bba6e582d Rename S3_CLOUDFRONT_HOST to S3_ALIAS_HOST. (#8423) 4 years ago
  M Somerville 29da56cf75 Hide reject media checkbox when not relevant. (#8426) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 793eea2982
Add improved CLI interface for removing remote media (#8411) 4 years ago
  MIYAGI Hikaru b4fc810bc3 Revice Japanese translation of `deleted_status` (#8419) 4 years ago
  M Somerville ac092d03e7 Add missing video descriptions (#8416) 4 years ago
  Sylvhem 869a3af3c0 Reword the "Delete and rewrite" warning (#8415) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko b37ae64578
Upgrade Doorkeeper to 5.0.0 (#8409) 4 years ago
  MIYAGI Hikaru a083604d1d Support UNIX domain socket for streaming service without using PORT (#8217) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko a2cabf3f4a
Add admin custom CSS setting (#8399) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 23752639b2
Bump version to 2.5.0rc1 (#8356) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 2f34b747b3
Allow mods to disable login, improve message when login disabled (#8329) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 9d58daac6c
Fix regression when suspending not from report (#8400) 4 years ago
  ThibG 7786e1357b Only display web push notifications after API call (fixes #7902) (#8396) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko f9b23a5d62
Preserve hashtag casing in web UI hashtag history (#8394) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 248df68c36
Give focused status a sensible aria-label for screen readers (#8387) 4 years ago
  ThibG 43b8df3228 Update state when opened dropdown is unmounted (fixes #8397) (#8398) 4 years ago
  Eugen Rochko 5b5ae01824
Update light theme (#8392) 4 years ago