9274 Commits (ea13e80030117c95f5e52d730d00093e21b11eea)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eugen Rochko ea13e80030
New Crowdin updates (#14314) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 71e85a506d
New Crowdin updates (#14311) 1 year ago
  ThibG d658af7ff8
Fix removing allowed domains being done synchronously (#14302) 1 year ago
  ThibG bfed7dd5f3
Fix error when closing a playing audio or video modal (#14310) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 6f798eb574
Bump version to 3.2.0rc1 (#14312) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko d9cad44ca5
New Crowdin updates (#14285) 1 year ago
  欧醚 376b44853f
add ssl option in smtp setting (#14309) 1 year ago
  ThibG 0a8a3fe595
Fix being unable to unboost when blocked by their author (#14308) 1 year ago
  Takeshi Umeda 5c23ec2fa6
Improve group processing (#14279) 1 year ago
  abcang 6a96af4d20
Fix rubocop warning (#14288) 1 year ago
  ThibG a8e84a18f1
Fix larger video files not being transcoded (#14306) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 4abe3be321
Change `tootctl search deploy` algorithm (#14300) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 98b3b80d6b
Fix account domain block not properly unfollowing accounts from domain (#14304) 1 year ago
  ThibG ee5a4030f7
Fix removing a DomainAllow rule wiping known accounts in open federation mode (#14298) 1 year ago
  夕日 58204175cc
Fix the wrong full documentation link (#14293) 1 year ago
  han@highemelry 8b35ed96c0
Add a visibility icon to boost modal (#14292) 1 year ago
  abcang bb9d4e2776
Enable promise/catch-or-return allowFinally (#14289) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko da3978c48e
Disable E2EE API routes for the next release (#14283) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 6cc5b822f5
Fix audio and video items in account gallery in web UI (#14282) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 96e89d1ef4
Bump version to 3.1.5 (#14284) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko c158dda796
New Crowdin updates (#14197) 1 year ago
  ThibG 38579b9f74
Fix block/mute pagination in WebUI (#14275) 1 year ago
  ThibG a2abe35e0f
Audio player visualization improvements (#14281) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko a78b87d800
Add attribution notice to the audio player component (#14280) 1 year ago
  Sasha Sorokin 3ef94c0044
Improve safety of Blurhash component (#14278) 1 year ago
  ThibG 6fda3cbbeb
Freeze scroll position when a dropdown menu is open in the TL (#14271) 1 year ago
  Sasha Sorokin 61c07c3731
Replace repetitive blurhash code with component (#14267) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 5b7a93b02c
Fix videos on public pages not using custom thumbnails (#14273) 1 year ago
  mayaeh fbbec3fc0b
remove unused word. (#14250) 1 year ago
  ThibG 0d2135a461
Fix new accent color not refreshing when changing thumbnail for audio uploads (#14264) 1 year ago
  ThibG 65e5efbdf4
Revert tesseract.js to tesseract.js@2.0.0-alpha.16 (#14262) 1 year ago
  ThibG d308a863fb
Fix WebUI crash on sensitive preview card with no preview thumbnail (#14261) 1 year ago
  Takeshi Umeda 606c975050
Fix RemoveDuplicatedIndexesPghero to check for the existence of the index (#14259) 1 year ago
  ThibG 2581715491
Fix WebUI crash on sensitive preview card with no preview thumbnail (#14260) 1 year ago
  Alex Dunn 961789d511
helm: bump chart and default image version to 3.1.5 (#14256) 1 year ago
  ThibG 701e5b9a19
Fix ogg vorbis files with a cover art not being correctly processed (#14255) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 6e25574ce5
Fix media attachments enumeration (#14254) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 81a3db1564
Change rate limits for various paths (#14253) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 844870273f
Fix other sessions not being logged out on password change (#14252) 1 year ago
  Sasha Sorokin 1c903c7ad6
Fix account note border radius (#14251) 1 year ago
  Eugen Rochko 06fc6a9cd4
Add ability to choose media thumbnail in web UI (#14244) 2 years ago
  Eugen Rochko ed04697510
Change User-Agent of link preview fetching service to include "Bot" (#14248) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] c7c07abe44
Bump babel-jest from 25.2.4 to 26.1.0 (#14216) 2 years ago
  ThibG e96e9cae62
Add test for removing endorsed accounts on account deletion/suspension (#14241) 2 years ago
  ThibG a783bdf4ad
Fix hashtag column options styling (#14247) 2 years ago
  Eugen Rochko c3187411c2
Change design of account notes in web UI (#14208) 2 years ago
  Alex Dunn 83fd046107
helm: fix default storage values for PVCs (#14245) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] 4e0357c7f5
Bump jest-cli from 26.0.1 to 26.1.0 (#14240) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] 309578101c
Bump @babel/preset-react from 7.10.1 to 7.10.4 (#14228) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] aa363c4377
Bump @babel/plugin-transform-runtime from 7.10.3 to 7.10.4 (#14217) 2 years ago